Thursday, January 3, 2008

This day Last Year

This day last year was my last day at my job.

I had been working there for about 2 1/2 years.

When my life was looking so good and I wasn't doing what I need to do, Some how this job had landed in my lap. And totally changed my life. I made many good friends along the way. And it was very sad for me to go.

But for as much time and effort that I put into my job I was treated really poorly from the new boss. So I decided it was time to leave. Leave for something that was a lot better pay. But something that I could not do with my eyes closed. It has been a challenge for me. This past year there, I am still considered the new one. When I look back I know I made the right choose.

There is one thing I will always miss though from my old job.

All the wonderful customers that loved me.

Before I left on my last day I actually had one of them come in with cake and balloons.

I really can't believe how fast a year can go by.

Since then I have actually got my old job back, part time, one day a week, and a different store.

Now I get all the good deals again..... :)


dot said...

That was nice! I'd love a slice of that cake right now!