Sunday, January 27, 2008

Stupid pot holes

Two nights ago I was driving threw the city when I hit a tiny pot hole. Right way I new that my tire had popped. I was really scared not only did it happen at the way wrong place. But some where that didn't really have a shoulder to pull over on. I also didn't have a spare tire. That is my own fault for never getting a new one after mine was stolen.

I didn't know what to do. I called home and right away I had someone on there way out to get me. But it was like 9:00pm on a Friday night. There was no way that I was getting it fixed that night. After I called home I had remembered how I had just gotten new insurance and I had thought that I heard them say that I had free road side assistants. So I gave them a call. Sure enough I did. I felt so relieved. I knew then that I was going to be ok. They towed me home for free.

When I was waiting for the tow guy I was thinking about what would of happened if I never got new insurance?

When I got my car I had called an Agent that was supposed to find me the cheapest insurance. They found my Allstate.

A few months after that when my car was stolen and I called them to let them know that. They were like "Well there is nothing that we can do" Very rudely to may I add. "

After that when I had been talking to people around only heard bad things about them. I kept saying that I was going to switch but never did.

When I moved I called Allstate to let them know my address had changed. Never once did they tell me that because I moved to a different zip code it was going to be a 15 dollar difference. Still I didn't change.

A couple of weeks ago a light bulb went off in my head that thoughy maybe it would be cheaper if I put mine and my France's insurances under the same policy. So we tried it. By me switching to Progressive I saved my self 65 dollars a month and a whole lot better coverage on my car.

Now I couldn't find my agents number when I wanted to call Allstate and cancel with them so I had to call the 1 800 number. I talked with someone. Who once again was really rude. And she was going to let my insurance agent know that I wanted to talk to them. Ok good I thought. But then she had to have my license number for some verification. SO I gave it to her. She was like "Mam this does not match" Right away I new why. Not that long ago we got new drivers license numbers. It didn't matter to them though. So I asked well how was I going to get a hold of her. The lady started telling me something but I didn't stay on the line long enough to hear what she was going to say.

I have always thought that Progressive was more expansive so I had never got a quote from there before. Not only was it cheaper with more coverage. The customer service they give is outstanding. That is very important to me. They really made me feel like they were there to help me