Thursday, January 17, 2008

The real Greenlee returns.

Yes I admit it I am a HUGE Soap fan. I can help it. I love all the juicy drama.

Yesterday on All My Children Rebecca Budig came back to playGreenlee after Sabine Singh had been playing this character for the last 8 months. Ever since Greenlee came back to town it was really hard to get used to her character being played buy someone else. And in the back of my mind I always hoped she would come back. But never actually thought it would happen. So yesturday was really really weird. Awesome But weird.

I am sure now that she is back things will really get juicy!!! I can't wait.


Meggie said...

But what will General Hospital do without her? I'm a hughe GH fan and will miss "Emily."

Miss Patti said...

Yes Yes I miss Emily too. I watch all three shows.

DarylE said...

Another AMC addict here .. tho I was never a Greenpee fan I did think that ABC did Ms Singh a serious disservice with the lousy scripts and then those awful promos..

Meggie said...

I think I'm confused. I just watched AMC...the new/old Greenlee is not Emily at all. What was I thinking? Don't know where Emily from GH went since they killed her off.