Saturday, January 19, 2008

Less is more Honey

A lesson that I am trying to teach my daughter right now. She just got this perfume for Christmas. She loves it because it smells like Cotton Candy.

The thing is that she thinks the more you use the better you smell.

There was one night that I had a friend and her son over visiting us. Next thing you know the kids are fighting and it was because My daughter was spraying this Cotton Candy perfume on him. haha she didn't understand she sees my finance put smelly stuff on all the time. She just never knew that there was a difference between men and women.

So I go out to the living room to see what all the commotion is about. All I can smell is this thick thick Cotton Candy smell in the air. It was so strong I wanted to puke. I am not good with smelly things if there is to much. Right then I try to explain to her that less is more. You don't have to spray a lot to smell good and too much won't smell pretty either.

I laugh thinking about this story. It brings back the days when I used to hear my dad yell at me when I sprayed to much. hehehe I always thought it was just my dad. Just my dad who hated to smelly stuff.


Butrfly Garden said...

That's funny! Don't you just love when you're like, "Oooh, THAT'S why my parent always got so mad!!" Makes you want to call him up and apologize sometimes, huh??

Alyssa also has a Too Much Problem. I can smell it from the top of the stairs when she puts it on in her room. She's just indulgent like her Dad.

You should have the Less Is More Talk with my brother. ;) And the new engineer at my work. I make faces when I walk by them.

CindyPTN said...

I love the way we get to see life through a child's eyes. It definitely makes you realize the importance of patience. Our challenge right now is explaining how "everything" doesn't need to be dumped on the floor to play with one or two toys!

Yep, I think that's why grandparents tend to "forget" all the stuff we did, so we have to realize "how difficult we were for them."

What goes around comes around, right?!

Sandy Carlson said...

I've tagged your wonderful blog for participation in this meme and hope you'll feel like joining in:
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Sandy Carlson said...

Miss Patti,
I added the instructions for the Linky Love in a comment on the post! Copy and paste the material into a Compose window. That will keep the links. If you paste in HTML, the links won't come through. Then add yours to the list and embed the link.