Thursday, January 10, 2008

Not what I thought it would be.

Sheer Cover, Has anyone tried it? I ordered it back in the beginning of December. NOW finally just got it in the mail yesterday.

So I watched the video (60min.long). I honestly don't think it needed to be that long. Then I decided to get started I did all there steps what you do how you do it ect.

Honestly I am not impressed. It is supposed to be so great for your skin,But yet it made my skin oily. Normally I don't have oily skin either. And It has no eye shadow or eyeliner with it. They make it seem because there is no need. Ha But after you get it home you get this book with many different things. And it is also another heavty charge on top of your 3o dollar monthly charge pluse tax.

I don't know. For some people I guess it might be good for. And for those of them who have enough money to pay monthly for it. Personally I think I will just stick with getting all my cosmetics at CVS. Where I get all the great deals.


Butrfly Garden said...

Did you order it off TV? I don't trust any makeup that's over $10. Why would it be that expensive? I know it doesn't cost that to MAKE it, you know?

Maybe try it again another day and see if it goes better. That's a lot of money to not use again! :D

Anonymous said...

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