Friday, January 11, 2008

I don't understand.

It was a regular old night at the store. I was the manager on duty, and I was pulling 4 drawers to bring up to the office to start counting. Just then while caring all 4 of them I heard the pharmacist call "manager to the Pharmacy." I thought crap what should I do. I had just gotten in trouble the day before for not going directly back to the Pharmacy when they call. I made a judgment call. I set all 4 drawers on the ground directly be hind the register and told the cashier to guard.

I walk back to the Pharmacy quickly to see that she is helping someone. So I wait... Right after the customer left she looked at me and said "we have just been robbed." I said "what!" "We were robbed". thinking in my head about how I had all those drawers on the ground I walked fast up to the front. To already see that there are cops pouring into the door, and the cashier looking at me in fear. I quickly bring the drawers up to the office and put them in the safe.

I went back down stairs. To explain to the cashier what was going on and help the investigators with anything. Luckily the store was about to close so They could do what the needed to do. They had crime scene tape up and they were dusting for finger prints. It was really kinda creepy. I guess that same guy robbed 4 other Pharmacy's that same night. For Oxycontin!!!

I just don't understand. I wake up this morning, to hear to hear about 2 different robberies on the news. One of them was pistil whipped when he couldn't open the safe. How scary is that.

I hate the power that drugs and money have with people and what it can make you do.


Butrfly Garden said...

That would be SO scary!

You know the Walgreens by your place was robbed not to long ago?

Police received a report that a cashier at Walgreens was being robbed at gunpoint. The cashier said a man came up to the cash register, told her to open the drawer, and displayed the black handle of what the cashier believed was a gun. The cashier told the man that a manager had to open the drawer. The man then took a candy bar and fled the store southbound through the parking lot on foot. Police set up a perimeter and a K9 assisted in looking for the man, but the search was unsuccessful.

Anyway, I'm glad that the drawer thing didn't get you in trouble.