Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Wordless Wednesday #4

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween Parade

Halloween Parade

She likes to be the stare of the show!!!

I had to work during this. So I only got to see the video and some pictures. I hope you enjoy as much as I did.

Monday, October 29, 2007

The Flu Shot

Has anyone got there's yet? I have, and i don't like it.

At my work you they give it to you for free. I thought AWESOME. I don't have to pay....YAY

It hurts really bad!!! Not the actual shot part about it. But the next couple of days. I have never had one before and I don't know if I will get another one. My arm swelled up like you wouldn't believe. It has been three days now. And it is still all swollen. and I had flu like symptoms all weekend. Not fun!!!!

When my daughter was 2 she got the Influenza. I never knew how serious it was until I got a little older and started hearing about all the kids that dye from it. She was in the hospital for 9 days days from it. Some of my worst 9 days I have ever had!!

I have made sure the past couple of years that she got the shot, so something like that will never happen to her again. But I have never had one till now.

I hear that not everyone is a candidate to get it though, and i have a feeling I am one of those people.

Even so it is better to get one then not.

Influenza is not something that you want to have to worry about.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wordless Wednesday #3

Monday, October 22, 2007

My next American Idol!

My Daughter is so cute!!! She is always dancing around singing songs. She loves it! She actually is not to bad. She must get it from her dads side, Because i know it wasn't from mine... ha ha ha.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Haunted house

We went to a Haunted house last night. It was a lot of fun! We screamed the entire time. The legend is that way back in the 1980's people were murdered there. It is possibly hunted. So the home owner now decided to make this haunted house and raise money for the 35w bridge ca lapse. So everything things goes to a very good cause.

They took us threw the woods, We all had to hold onto a rope. While all these zombi's were following us. I plowed threw every body else because of coarse they were all after me. After going threw the woods we had to stand in another line to go threw a haunted house. It was a very slow line and we had already been waiting bout an hour and a half to go threw the first part. All of us were getting very antsy. Being the woods were not that scary. We were hoping the haunted house would be. From the looks of it, We were all a little not sure if it would be. Being it was all in this garage. This is a picture of me and some really great people from work, while we were standing in line.

So finally it is our turn to go threw. It was me, my Lovey, and my friend from work that went into together. As soon as you go in there is a revolving door that you have to go threw ALONE. So my friend starts moving the door....... When all of a sudden this ugly looking clown jumps at us screaming. We flew back so far, And yelled so loud the whole line was laughing at us.

So once we finally all go threw the door we get into this square room that has all these doors, that say EXIT. I didn't want to open any of them. Holding on to my lovey and my friend so tight we picked one to go threw...... What did ya know the wrong way!!!!! And all of these things are jumping at us. We turned back around and started running back to the square room. Were we are running around in a circle. Pulling my lovey this way and that way. He said we were joking him with his zipper of his sweatshirt. Next thing we know this clown is running after us. Me and my friend were freaking out so bad the clown actual had to say. "ok, take a breathe, calm down, Scream really loud, and go that way". Ha ha ha. Were we ever scared. But in a fun way. Of coarse we were laughing and screaming at the same time.

The whole way threw we were always going the wrong way, running into people trying to scare us. pushing each other every where. No one wanted to go first. By the time i got out of there I could just feel that my arm was all bruised up. From hitting all of those walls.

When we were getting to the end I have No idea what it was. But there was something chasing us all the way out..... We pushed my Lovey all the out screaming the whole time..... It was a lot fun. I haven't been to a Haunted house since I was a kid. It was definitely something i will want to do again.

We went to this thing with a bunch of people from work. Who of coarse the whole time they are saying oh what ever it won't be scary. This lady I work with every day. Just thought it would all be funny!!! Oh boy was she wrong.... She screamed the whole time. I even managed to get her on video coming out of it.

Now if she was running and screaming out of there that bad, You can only imagine how much my group was.

My advice to everyone this year for Halloween. Go out, maybe bring the kids, Get scared, Have some fun. Isn't that what Halloween is supposed to be all about. I want to try to find another one so that I can bring my stinky too. I know she will get scared but she will love it.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Where are you sun

It has been raining for days!!! One day this month there was sun. I miss the sun, I hate the rain.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Posting that pic this Wednesday for wordless Wednesday, Made me remember my horrific and disgusting story I have about ants.

Can you image living some where, Where every where you look there are ants?

Well we lived it.
Not to long ago we lived in a apartment. wasn't the best apartment out there but it did it's purpose for us. Anyways, the whole building was infested with ants. Called something like Water Ants (so they said). Every time you would take a bath or a shower you would have to kill a whole bunch, brush your teeth, do the dishes it didn't matter. They were every where water was.

But then it increased.
If you were drinking a pop and it was warm enough that there was no condensation on it. You better throw it away. Because other wise you would be drinking ants. No joke! Happened to me a couple of times. And another time I was eating a Cinnamon roll almost ate it all when i realized it was full of ants.....

Ewwwwwwwwww So gross. I want to puke thinking about it!!!

No matter how clean the apartment was you would see them every where. On papers the floor, my dresser in clothes. In the weirdest spots. But every where. My cats wouldn't even go after them because they could not keep up. And I have 3 cats!

The final straw was when I was going to make some dinner. Hamburger helper. I took out the package and out of the corner of my eye is seen something, I just thought it must of came open a little or something. Then i looked and there were like millions of ants!!!!! The whole box full! I threw the box across the room and there was ant hills every where.

That was the grossest thing ever!!! I couldn't have any food in the house unless it was in the fridge. So we rarely ate at home. We moved not to long after that.

We did manage to bring some of the ants with. But luckily enough we found them fast enough and killed them all before multiplied.

I miss you Stinky!

"You are my Stinky,
My only Stinky.
You make me happy,
When skies are blue.
You just don't know dear,
How much I love you.
So please don't take my stinky Butt from me."

It is MEA weekend, And I have to work,:( So I am missing my Stinky right now.....

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wordless Wednesday #2

Friday, October 12, 2007

Nightmare come true

Last year around this same time, I had one of my worst nightmares come true.

One morning I was with one of my friends and my daughter. We had gone to McDonalds for breakfast (I haven't eat breakfast there since). Sitting in my car we all were eating our breakfast burritos. When all of a sudden something didn't feel right! I bit down again, that's when I realised that my right front tooth had broke off!!!!

All in one piece!!!

I instantly went into tears. I could not believe that had happened, My friend was no help in comforting me, And my daughter was just so scared for me she just sat there. Not knowing what to do, I put my car into reverse, And drove straight to the dentist. When i got out I threw my tooth has far as i could!

I walked into the dentist with my hand covering my mouth. fearing for anyone to see. Still in tears I showed them what had happened.

I think God was on my side that day because they got me in within 15min.

They checked my other front tooth and explained to me that since I had these root canals done 9 years ago (they actually only hold for 6). My teeth were brittle and the other one could break just as easy.

Still in shock out of what had happened, But feeling real good with the laughing gas they gave me to calm down and relax, I told them to fix them both.

About 2 hours later I walked out of there still with front teeth no missing ones. And bran new ones on the way. I was very thankful to them who had helped me like they did. Making me feel like they care. Knowing in my head I will always come back here.

I Then tried looking for my tooth that I threw. I told my daughter I wanted to put it under my pillow to see if I could get some money. I never found it though.

A few weeks later, I went back in.

Them remembering me only by: "She Jeff F.....'s daughter, Ya know the one that came in here crying".

They then replaced my teeth with these pearly white ones!!! My smile is now better then I can ever remember it.

Out of all that horror I went threw that day. It came to be something positive. Something i think about every single time I look into the mirror.

The best part is you can't even tell. People who know me but not the story have no idea.

Thinking about this story makes me remember I am over do. I better give them guys a call.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Tooth Fairy gonna come visit me.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wordless Wednesday #1

Dear Brother

Your are my favorite brother, The only one I have.

I am here for you no mater where you are or where you have been.

I am scared for you, Yes you only you.

I fear your heading down the wrong path, So please let me in.

Drug bust, Time in jail, Getting jacked, owing money, Shit talking, No place to live, Is getting high mean that much? or is this just all in my head.

Everyday I worry if you are okay. I can't stand to feel this way. Where were you when I did all of this. You were right there cleaning me up, Making sure I was okay. Never letting me forget it wasn't okay.

I love you my little bro. I hate seeing you this way. I have told you what I have thought. you listend to me all night. I thought I got through. I thought it might have worked. What went wrong. Those drugs are just way to strong.

Your life, Your future, Your family. Is worth it!!!!

Those drugs may feel good now, But what happens 10 years from now.

Please think about what I have said. Know that it is from the heart. I wouldn't say it if it wasn't true.

I love you

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


My Ring!!!

All of a sudden I relised that it was gone. Not on my finger!!! I was on my way to pick up one of my friends kid from daycare when i relised that it was gone!! To late to turn around fearing that if I did and went back and it was not there that I would be so terrified and sad that I would not be able to get back into my car and finish picking him up I just kept going telling my self.

Don't worry, It is at home in a safe spot. you never take it off unless you put it in the same safe spot every time.

But what if its not!

What if i really dad loose it!

Still fearing that it might of fallen off when I took my bath. And I never relised ii. I stepped on the peddle a little more to get home faster.

So I ran in picked Dilly up. Raced home, Ran in the house.

Sure enough it was right there were I thought it would be.

Until I get the ring sized again so that it fits my finger right. I am sure I will have many of these scares. I lose everything. This time I have just been a lot more carfull.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Diet Mt. Dew

My Anti Drug!!!!

Went to work at 6 am. this morning. What do you think I decided to have to drink when I first got there?......Diet Mt. Dew that is right! Not Coffee not an energy drink to wake me up. None other then this damn Mt Dew. I worked a 8hr day got home brought my daughter to a birthday party that was about a 45min, drive one way. When I got home I just had this horrible feeling inside my body, felt like i was going to ripe someones head off!.I got in a argument with my lovey.. Let my friend down that I was going to do something with. Over all just had a horrible next couple of hours. Not even thinking that it was all because I needed a damn pop, And i hd none in the fridge. After all that nonsence I decided that maybe it would be best if I just took a little nap, Rest my eyes, get away from it all for a little while.

After about an hour I awoke from my sleep to find it being 7pm at night almost getting dark, All the lights on in the house, and my lovey sitting there playing a video game. I walk out of my room . My eyes barley opening because of all the light. And right away I bit his head off. This time I was tired, hungry and needed a damn pop!!! Right away my lovey jumps up and starts trying to decide what he was going to make me for dinner. While I get my cash card out and go to the store and buy me a 12pk of my Diet Mt Dew. Came home before I even had a chance to put it in the fridge I took one out opened it up and took the biggest drink i could taste.... AAAWWW. Did that ever taste Oh so good!!! Right away I relized that it was gone. Me being all uptight like I was all night long was all because I need a damn pop. So I took another drink just to be sure.... I felt even better! From that point on I felt great, even went for a nice walk around our neighborhood with my lovey.

After all that I was thinking. How in the world will I ever be able to stop drinking this so highly addictive pop? If I can't even go half the day with out having as can!

So from now on
I start my mission.... To start drinking more water and juice in my day.

We will see how this goes. But I really just don't want to have another day like today, Caused only from this damn addiction I have to this pop.

Hey who knows maybe that will even help me lose this weight for my wedding day!!
But thats another topic, Another time and another day....

Do you think maybe it is true what the say? "Diet Mt Dew is more addictive to regular Mt Dew"