Sunday, October 21, 2007

Haunted house

We went to a Haunted house last night. It was a lot of fun! We screamed the entire time. The legend is that way back in the 1980's people were murdered there. It is possibly hunted. So the home owner now decided to make this haunted house and raise money for the 35w bridge ca lapse. So everything things goes to a very good cause.

They took us threw the woods, We all had to hold onto a rope. While all these zombi's were following us. I plowed threw every body else because of coarse they were all after me. After going threw the woods we had to stand in another line to go threw a haunted house. It was a very slow line and we had already been waiting bout an hour and a half to go threw the first part. All of us were getting very antsy. Being the woods were not that scary. We were hoping the haunted house would be. From the looks of it, We were all a little not sure if it would be. Being it was all in this garage. This is a picture of me and some really great people from work, while we were standing in line.

So finally it is our turn to go threw. It was me, my Lovey, and my friend from work that went into together. As soon as you go in there is a revolving door that you have to go threw ALONE. So my friend starts moving the door....... When all of a sudden this ugly looking clown jumps at us screaming. We flew back so far, And yelled so loud the whole line was laughing at us.

So once we finally all go threw the door we get into this square room that has all these doors, that say EXIT. I didn't want to open any of them. Holding on to my lovey and my friend so tight we picked one to go threw...... What did ya know the wrong way!!!!! And all of these things are jumping at us. We turned back around and started running back to the square room. Were we are running around in a circle. Pulling my lovey this way and that way. He said we were joking him with his zipper of his sweatshirt. Next thing we know this clown is running after us. Me and my friend were freaking out so bad the clown actual had to say. "ok, take a breathe, calm down, Scream really loud, and go that way". Ha ha ha. Were we ever scared. But in a fun way. Of coarse we were laughing and screaming at the same time.

The whole way threw we were always going the wrong way, running into people trying to scare us. pushing each other every where. No one wanted to go first. By the time i got out of there I could just feel that my arm was all bruised up. From hitting all of those walls.

When we were getting to the end I have No idea what it was. But there was something chasing us all the way out..... We pushed my Lovey all the out screaming the whole time..... It was a lot fun. I haven't been to a Haunted house since I was a kid. It was definitely something i will want to do again.

We went to this thing with a bunch of people from work. Who of coarse the whole time they are saying oh what ever it won't be scary. This lady I work with every day. Just thought it would all be funny!!! Oh boy was she wrong.... She screamed the whole time. I even managed to get her on video coming out of it.

Now if she was running and screaming out of there that bad, You can only imagine how much my group was.

My advice to everyone this year for Halloween. Go out, maybe bring the kids, Get scared, Have some fun. Isn't that what Halloween is supposed to be all about. I want to try to find another one so that I can bring my stinky too. I know she will get scared but she will love it.


Butrfly Garden said...

Hahah! Yeah, I think I'll leave that stuff to you!

Me no likey scary stuff. Not at all. hahah! Glad you had a good time, though!!