Friday, October 12, 2007

Nightmare come true

Last year around this same time, I had one of my worst nightmares come true.

One morning I was with one of my friends and my daughter. We had gone to McDonalds for breakfast (I haven't eat breakfast there since). Sitting in my car we all were eating our breakfast burritos. When all of a sudden something didn't feel right! I bit down again, that's when I realised that my right front tooth had broke off!!!!

All in one piece!!!

I instantly went into tears. I could not believe that had happened, My friend was no help in comforting me, And my daughter was just so scared for me she just sat there. Not knowing what to do, I put my car into reverse, And drove straight to the dentist. When i got out I threw my tooth has far as i could!

I walked into the dentist with my hand covering my mouth. fearing for anyone to see. Still in tears I showed them what had happened.

I think God was on my side that day because they got me in within 15min.

They checked my other front tooth and explained to me that since I had these root canals done 9 years ago (they actually only hold for 6). My teeth were brittle and the other one could break just as easy.

Still in shock out of what had happened, But feeling real good with the laughing gas they gave me to calm down and relax, I told them to fix them both.

About 2 hours later I walked out of there still with front teeth no missing ones. And bran new ones on the way. I was very thankful to them who had helped me like they did. Making me feel like they care. Knowing in my head I will always come back here.

I Then tried looking for my tooth that I threw. I told my daughter I wanted to put it under my pillow to see if I could get some money. I never found it though.

A few weeks later, I went back in.

Them remembering me only by: "She Jeff F.....'s daughter, Ya know the one that came in here crying".

They then replaced my teeth with these pearly white ones!!! My smile is now better then I can ever remember it.

Out of all that horror I went threw that day. It came to be something positive. Something i think about every single time I look into the mirror.

The best part is you can't even tell. People who know me but not the story have no idea.

Thinking about this story makes me remember I am over do. I better give them guys a call.


Butrfly Garden said...

Oh my god! I know the feeling of a broken tooth...especially a front one.

I am going next week to have one of my other teeth pulled. I don't want to at all, but I know I need to. The only other tooth I've had pulled because it was bad was replaced by my wisdom tooth, so you'd never even know. But this one will show as missing if I smile big enough. :(

Gotta do what we gotta do. But DAMN! I wish I would have gone in more as a teenager before they got this bad!