Thursday, October 18, 2007


Posting that pic this Wednesday for wordless Wednesday, Made me remember my horrific and disgusting story I have about ants.

Can you image living some where, Where every where you look there are ants?

Well we lived it.
Not to long ago we lived in a apartment. wasn't the best apartment out there but it did it's purpose for us. Anyways, the whole building was infested with ants. Called something like Water Ants (so they said). Every time you would take a bath or a shower you would have to kill a whole bunch, brush your teeth, do the dishes it didn't matter. They were every where water was.

But then it increased.
If you were drinking a pop and it was warm enough that there was no condensation on it. You better throw it away. Because other wise you would be drinking ants. No joke! Happened to me a couple of times. And another time I was eating a Cinnamon roll almost ate it all when i realized it was full of ants.....

Ewwwwwwwwww So gross. I want to puke thinking about it!!!

No matter how clean the apartment was you would see them every where. On papers the floor, my dresser in clothes. In the weirdest spots. But every where. My cats wouldn't even go after them because they could not keep up. And I have 3 cats!

The final straw was when I was going to make some dinner. Hamburger helper. I took out the package and out of the corner of my eye is seen something, I just thought it must of came open a little or something. Then i looked and there were like millions of ants!!!!! The whole box full! I threw the box across the room and there was ant hills every where.

That was the grossest thing ever!!! I couldn't have any food in the house unless it was in the fridge. So we rarely ate at home. We moved not to long after that.

We did manage to bring some of the ants with. But luckily enough we found them fast enough and killed them all before multiplied.


Butrfly Garden said...

Dude. Box Elder Bugs.

When most other people's went away for the summer...they came to live in my walls. Do you remember them? I can't believe I lived with them in that house for so long. Now when I see one, they die a violent death. I don't even care if they're outside...that's how much I hate them (wheras most bugs I let go outside because I'm in their house).

Miss Patti said...

Yes, I remember the box elder bugs. But the funniest this is I never new what they looked like till a couple of years ago.