Sunday, October 7, 2007

Diet Mt. Dew

My Anti Drug!!!!

Went to work at 6 am. this morning. What do you think I decided to have to drink when I first got there?......Diet Mt. Dew that is right! Not Coffee not an energy drink to wake me up. None other then this damn Mt Dew. I worked a 8hr day got home brought my daughter to a birthday party that was about a 45min, drive one way. When I got home I just had this horrible feeling inside my body, felt like i was going to ripe someones head off!.I got in a argument with my lovey.. Let my friend down that I was going to do something with. Over all just had a horrible next couple of hours. Not even thinking that it was all because I needed a damn pop, And i hd none in the fridge. After all that nonsence I decided that maybe it would be best if I just took a little nap, Rest my eyes, get away from it all for a little while.

After about an hour I awoke from my sleep to find it being 7pm at night almost getting dark, All the lights on in the house, and my lovey sitting there playing a video game. I walk out of my room . My eyes barley opening because of all the light. And right away I bit his head off. This time I was tired, hungry and needed a damn pop!!! Right away my lovey jumps up and starts trying to decide what he was going to make me for dinner. While I get my cash card out and go to the store and buy me a 12pk of my Diet Mt Dew. Came home before I even had a chance to put it in the fridge I took one out opened it up and took the biggest drink i could taste.... AAAWWW. Did that ever taste Oh so good!!! Right away I relized that it was gone. Me being all uptight like I was all night long was all because I need a damn pop. So I took another drink just to be sure.... I felt even better! From that point on I felt great, even went for a nice walk around our neighborhood with my lovey.

After all that I was thinking. How in the world will I ever be able to stop drinking this so highly addictive pop? If I can't even go half the day with out having as can!

So from now on
I start my mission.... To start drinking more water and juice in my day.

We will see how this goes. But I really just don't want to have another day like today, Caused only from this damn addiction I have to this pop.

Hey who knows maybe that will even help me lose this weight for my wedding day!!
But thats another topic, Another time and another day....

Do you think maybe it is true what the say? "Diet Mt Dew is more addictive to regular Mt Dew"