Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Snow storm #2

Again it snowed last night.

Again there was bad roads, Bad driving, And a stressful night to get home.

I only work about ten minutes from home, But on this day I was working my second job that is about 5 minutes from home so most of the time I don't have to deal with the stress of bad peoples driving. But not this day.... This day everything had to go wrong.

1. Pirates of the Caribbean 3 came out to dvd, and since I don't go see movies in the theater I have been waiting along time to see it. So after work I had to go to best buy and buy it. I thought I was going to slide right off the road. And I am the most careful driver there is when it comes to snow. (I guess maybe you could say a scardy cat) But I would rather be alive and my car OK then get some where fast. I will just leave early if I have to. Anyways I made it there OK, My wipers suck thought and it was really hard to see, Witch leads me to.

2. One of my wipers broke off my car!!!!! "How in the world does this happen on day like today" I am bitching to my self as I stand there trying to fix it. i finally get it jimmy rigged on when i grabbed my purse to head into the store. I see that my cell phone had been ringing. It was my lovey. So I called him back.

3. He states "my wind shield wipers don't work!!!" I began to tell him what happened to me and he was like NO! "They won't work at all they won't move back and forth!" How does this happen I have to pick stinky up in about 45 minutes So I can't even leave to get him till after that.

He wanted to just drive home And hope he is okay. I said no way I will come and get you. On my way to the school I called him and said I am on my way there shortly. But it was to late he was already driving home. he couldn't wait any longer. Not to mention I had to dive in all the traffic all the way to his work. So it probably would of took me at least and hour if not more to get there. I was really not looking forward to that.

He mad it home safe. How I have no idea. In a snow storm with no wind shield wipers. He began to come up with a way he could get to work with them not working. You will never believe what he did! he took 2 pieces of string and tied one each wiper then strung it threw each side window. hahahahaha It was so funny.

Pull the right side to go up and the left side to go down.... I should of took a picture of it. that would of been prices less.

Today we found out it will cost $80.00 to fix it!!! Just for one little piece. I am really not happy about it, But what are ya going to do?

I hope the next 2 snow falls we are going to have will go much smother.