Thursday, December 6, 2007

Santa Clause on the fire truck!!

One of my found memories as a kid. Hearing the sirens going off, Running to find your shoes, and darting out the door, Hoping that you will not miss him.

I can remember the first time that I ever seen him as a kid. Gosh I had to been like 7 years old. Maybe even younger. Anyways my dad thought the next door neighbors house was on fire. Back then they would send a fire truck ahead of the one with Santa on it. Probably so that everyone could be ready.

Ever since my stinky was old enough to want to see Santa she was never with me the night he would come around. So this night we made sure she did not miss him. Once we started to hear the sirens we went out driving the neighbor hood. We went out and came in twice before we actually seen him. I swear you can hear those sirens a mile away.

Here is my Stinky waiting in the cold to see him. She should of been dressed warmer, but really she was only out there a few minutes.

Here is one of her waiting for him to wave at her. And finally at last here is one of him waving at us.

This weekend we plan on going to see him again at the mall. So she can tell him what she wants for Christmas...


Butrfly Garden said...

I've known about his trips for years but never saw that one. K looks so excited!!! I'm glad she finally got to see him with you.

A has never been to see Santa, I don't think. He was at Wally's last year and I asked her, "Do you want to go talk to him and tell him what you want?" and she said, "Ahhh...maybe later." This year, she actually asked me to see him. He will be at Mike's Christmas party next weekend. (I HOPE! I'm in trouble if he's not!!)

PS - I'm still reading,just not commenting as much. :D