Monday, December 3, 2007

It happened again last night.

I didn't remember it all.

It wasn't until the next morning when I realised that there was a bowl of cereal next to my bed.

I do this all the time. Eat in the middle of the night with out even knowing. I try really hard not to do it. Some times I kinda know what I am doing but it is like I am a wake but not awake. I don't know it is the weirdest thing.

I will never forget this one time, This is when i realised that I really had a problem.

I must of been really really thirsty or something. I woke up to tasting rubbing alcohol on the back of my tongue. My Lovey woke up to me totally freaking out. OMG what in the hell have I done!!! I honestly think that I woke up right a way, I don't think I really drank any. But the horror of knowing that I once tried to drink rubbing alcohol will haunt me for life.

A few nights ago I was watching Night line and they were talking about sleep disorders. All different kinds. But they brought up people eating in the middle of the night. Right then a light bulb went off. That is so me!!!

Parasomnia a brain dis function.

Crazy huh?

I haven't gone to the doctor yet. I will probably just bring it up next time i am in there. I have no need to make an extra trip. Maybe if I were like some of the people that they were interviewing. But luckily I am not that bad. They had videos of women eating all night long. Anything they can get there hands on.

I have a problem with crackers. I seem to eat them at night when they are in the house.

So I try to to buy them to often. I also never leave a bottle of rubbing alcohol some where I may leave my drink. So something that horrific will never happen again.