Wednesday, December 19, 2007

R. I. P. Nemo

Wordless Wednesday #11

Normally for wordless Wednesday I won't say anything, But this one I will. I was going threw pictures to make these photo books for people when I came across this picture and it made me sad.

So I thought I would share Nemo's story with you.
All my life my dad would try to keep fish alive. For some reason or another they would always die. Till Nemo we had for over 12 years. He became part of the family. Everyday we would watch him swim. he lived threw many other fish. I guess he was just really Strong or something.

Then One day we realised that he had a sore on the side of his head, My dad till this day blames it on him self why this happened (he didn't change the water and clean it for a little while) So he did just that. But still it kept getting bigger and bigger, He went along like this for at least 6 months. My dad trying to do anything he possible could to get this fish to get healthy again. With a lot of time, money, and effort nothing worked. That's when we decided to talk about what we were going to do about it. My dad said he would just let him swim till he couldn't swim no more.

After awhile we noticed how much color he had lost and his little friend he had the time wasn't looking so good. This was one of my dad's hardest decisions he has had to make over a damn fish. We knew that we were not going to flush him like he was any old fish. But what? He called the vet to see what there suggestions were. they told us to put in him a baggy of warm water then put him in a frezer. Then he would just fall asleep. :( I still get sad to think that. I told him that I didn't want to know when it was going to be done. I felt bad enough as it was.

A few weeks later I popped over there to see my dad. I could tell he was really upset for what I didn't know. Till I looked over at the fish tank and seen they were gone. My dad Just gave me a hug and reminded me on how long, happy, and good life he lived. We barred him in the back yard like any other creature we had as kids

Thank you for listening and I hope I didn't make any of you feel to bad


Marla said...

Poor little fishy!

Sandy C. said...

OMG...Poor Nemo. That's amazing he lived for so long. He did have a long life. We had a fish we treasured also die...I don't think I could have been able to muddle through doing that though.. :(

Butrfly Garden said...

Oh my gosh! That's so sad!!