Saturday, December 15, 2007


Have you ever googled your name before?

For my daughter school project we had to get information on our family then I had to go and tell all the little first graders about it.

Well just for laughs I thought about googling our last name. It is not common at at all. So if anything did come up, It would be on our intimate family.

I never thought so many things would pop up.

First it came up with a couple of death certificates and sites where you can go make a family tree.

All the times my dad won the Power Ball game show .

Some other thing I have online,

Where I went to High School, and when I graduated.

My Knot page,

Where my brother works.

And some other various things about some other family members I never met before they died.

I found nothing that I was looking for. But I never really thought I would. I thought it was really interesting though.

Oh Ya and for my daughters school project.... It went good. I don't know why I get so nervous about things like that...hahahaha


Butrfly Garden said...

I have googled myself. It's impossible to find anything on me. Well, Real Me. Not internet me. hahaha. Even when I do mine & the man's names together I can't find me! It's kinda good, I guess.