Sunday, September 28, 2008

Kids Party time!!

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Yes yes I know I am crazy!! Funny part is 6 kids didn't come that we invited.
We started off the night by having a bbq. And playing out side.

I was even having fun!
Mike got hurt....
Hehe this is how I found Muffin....Our cat, this is his normal position.

Then we ate and had cake an ice cream, We even made sure they had sprinkles for there ice cream :)
Opened presents then of coarse had to jump on Mike..
Opened presents then of coarse had to jump on Mike..
Now she has BOTH the Barbie Diamond Princess Barbies...
Lets get him!!
Hog pile!

And since I am broke I had to come up with the coolest thing that didn't cost any money....
So we decided to get some supplies around the house that we had and dressed them all up as Pirates!
I even heard some of the kids tell there parents that it was the best sleepover they had ever had! So I guess you can say it turned out to be a blast.
Like I said I am crazy!!
This is the only peace I got the whole time.....7a.m.


Anonymous said...

it looks like the party was so much fun!