Friday, September 19, 2008

Just a little scary...

Okay so this morning I was doing some cleaning. As I was mopping the floor thinking about how I needed to talk to this certain some body when all of a sudden they called me! (Crazy huh?) Well since that phone doesn't work so good I went to get the phone from the other room.

Just then I slipped and fell really hard! Harder then I have probably fell in my adult hood. Smacked my head and all... I FREAKED! Called the doctor, They had me come in. By the time I had even left to go there I had already felt the baby move so I knew he was still okay. But because I worry so much I still went in.

When I go there they had me go to the hospital right away. See I have O - blood tpe so they needed to make sure that there was no beading.. They were like no biggy just but the baby on the monitor for awhile and then you can go.

K so we get there and after awhile they came in and asked me if I was cramping, No none at all. They said "Well you are, So you are going to have to stay here for awhile" I was so scared. I am only 6 months pregnant, This baby needs to stay in there :)

After awhile still cramping but nothing more. They let me go home. Everything seems to be fine. My neck is extremely sore though. I can't move it like I should.

Moral of the story is that I need to learn not to be SUPER WOMEN all the time and slow down. Ever since I found out that I was pregnant I feel like everything needs to get done NOW!! And yet still it is not good enough.


Butrfly Garden said...

Oh my gosh, patti! That's so scary! That's the second time you've fallen!! Yep, I agree, slow down. Ask for help. Take it easy. You have a 109 days +18 years that this kid is going to be needing stuff from you - it doesn't all have to be done before he gets here. :P

PS - i wrote you an email on the train, but the hotel didn't have internet so by the time i got home it was completely irrelevant. So I'll write you a new one as soon as I get a chance!