Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Oh my gosh!

You will never believe what happened last night!
Me and Mike were talking together in our room when we heard Kaitlyn say something that sounded a little off. Mike jumped up to see what was the matter.... "There's a mouse in the house!" WHAT I get up to see what the matter was, Just then the moused runs under the door right towards me!!!
The only thing I am thinking about is not letting this thing touch my bare feet. Oh my gosh I started screaming! I am screaming Kaitlyn is screaming and Mike is running around with a broom in his hand freaking out on us to help him... I could not come out of the room I was just standing on my bed laughing.... laughing hysterically. I can hear Mike in the other room telling Kaitlyn I just need you to open the door for me. She was FREAKED instead of that she started running towards the mouse trips over the boom and hurts her foot!! I think by this time mike was pretty fusterated with us, I felt bad knowing I need to come and try to help this situation. I carefully come out of the bed room get some shoes on and tell everyone we need to calm down and work together to get this thing out.
Before long we cought it in a bowl and Mike let it go in the yard.
We sat and laughed for a good hour about the whole thing..
How did it get in there you must be wondering?
My cat honey brought it home for us... Kailtyn let her in not knowing tha it was still in her mouth. She thought she could just yelll at Honey to let it go and she would listen...
We are starting to have a problem with this every couple of days she is bringing something home. I think I may get her a bell to ware around her neck to scare everything away.


Butrfly Garden said...

HAHA! Oh, no! :) Did I tell you our mouse story? But my cat is lazy - definitely not earning her keep in the mousing dept.