Saturday, February 2, 2008

He said he loves me

"Damion told his friend who told my friend that he love me Mama"

"He chases me every day at school."

This was so cute. See there is this little boy who went to my daughters daycare a couple years when we lived at our apartment. When we moved we had to switch daycares.

At the end of last summer I decided that there was really no need for her to go to daycare. So I pulled her out. When we left that day she was "like mom theres this kid there that just started to day and I think he went to Kindercare."

Sure enough when she started school the next week at recess she seen him again. I asked her, "Well well why don't you just ask him if he went there"

The next day she came home so excited. "Yes Mom Yes He did go to Kindercare."

From that day on they have been very close.

But I always hear about who he chases her. Or how he loves her.

She is only in the first grade.

It scares me to think it is only the beginning.


Butrfly Garden said...

Well, I'm thisclose to locking Alyssa up until she's an adult. If you'd like to go in on a secure, yet comfortable prison for them, I'm down. We'd have to start homeschooling, but it would be worth it, right?