Friday, November 9, 2007

The worst mother of the year...

Yes, Is me!!!!

I feel horrible.

Not once but twice this week I wasn't there to pick up my daughter from school. And the school had to call home for us to come get her.

1st time is was just a big misunderstanding we each thought the other one was getting her. We felt extremely bad and told her it would not ever happen again.

Then today I am minding my own business getting ready for work. When the phone rang. i never even seen the caller id I just answered it.

I hung up the phone quickly running around trying to finish getting dressed and find my keys, I ran out the door.

With this sickish feeling in my inside my body.

I drove to where we always meet her. To see she crossed that big busy road all alone. My stinky I thought. How scared she must have been.

She ran to me with a big ohl smile on her face. "You didn't know it was a half day?"

I said "Your not mad at me?'

Of coarse not! How could she? She was to happy to see me early.

Then I suddenly realised I have to work..... What am I going to do? To make the situation worse I couldn't find my work number. Nor would my works website let me in to check it and find out.

Finally I talked to work. I asked if i could bring her in with me for an hour till someone could pick her up. They said i could just come in late.

I feel like a dumb ass. What is my problem? How scared she must have been? It always seems like the papers that I need to see she brings home. Get lost before I am home to read them. I check everything.


Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

Oh no! Not that it will make you feel better, but I feel like the worst mom today since I cut my 6 mos old daughter's thumb trying to trim her nails.

Butrfly Garden said...

Oh, I'm so sorry you guys feel like that! I can think of a lot worse of mothers, though! Both your girls are fine now.

And the paper thing, you're just getting into grade school. That's all. In kindergarten, she couldn't read any of it and was eager to share it with you. Just wait. It gets worse. I missed my show night (Thursday) to help NB pull together a prestenation on the Shosonee Indians. That was given to him MONDAY. And there will be more. There will be choir concerts in which they suddenly need a shirt completely different than anything they six...that night. And my personal *favorite* is the lunch thing. They take cold lunches. Every day. Yet, for the second time since they've started at these schools, I've had the lunch lady call me and tell me if they want hot lunch they'd better bring money in because all they can give them is cheese sandwiches from now on. :D It gets worse. Don't let the guilt get to you. Or it will EAT. YOU. ALIVE. (HI, by the way! Miss you! got in trouble and got my internet taken away at work!)