Thursday, November 15, 2007

School Project gone green

This week My daughter had to make a building for school, for there community. Our little project that wasn't supposed to take that long turned into 3 days of hard work. The end results were fantastic.

We decided to make a house with solar panels and a wind meal. So that her house would help power the community

This is the front of the house.

This is the back of the house
This one is to the side of the house.
And this is one with my daughter in it.

When we got to school. I got to see all the other kids had done. It is safe to say that we spent way to much time in ours. hahahaha Sometimes it is hard not to forget how young they are.

Even though her project obviously was not done by a 1st grader. We had a lot of fun. We sat in the living room watching movies the hole time. My daughter sat there with us the hole time trying to come up with ideas.

We also had to explain to her why we wanted to do this house. So that she could go back and explain it to all her friends.


Butrfly Garden said...

LOVE it!!! Seriously.

I have to stop myself ALL the time from taking over NB's homework. Any of it - but especially projects. I wish Ss would have a fun thing like this to do!!!