Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Counterfeit money

Okay, So I was at work today. One day of the week I cashier at the pharmacie down the road. This teenager came in and was acting quite strange. He really made me feel uneasy.

After about 10 minutes of him figuring out what he wanted to buy, He comes up to the counter with a candy bar..... I was thinking hmmm. This is weird. He goes to give me a 20 dollar bill, And right away I knew it was fake.

It looked a little different color green and you could so totally see that it wasn't even printed straight. When I picked it up it felt like card board almost just not as thick. Right away I grabbed my handy dandy pen we have to check money and it came up purple.

I told him I couldn't take it. He threw a big fit. Saying that he was just in here the day before and we had gave it to him... I then called the manager. Of coarse she said that there was nothing she could. He then threw the money at us...

We called the police to give them the money because we didn't know what to do with it.

They didn't even get a picture of him.... Why? because he said that there is just to much of it going around right now. I thought that was pretty strange. Why wouldn't they just want it on file.
I always wondered if I would ever know if I got a counterfeit bill. Oh ya I knew right away.

Oh I also heard that there is this new thing that people are doing. They are some how changing the number amount on the bill. So that when you go to mark it with your pen it won't come up counterfeit....


Butrfly Garden said...

Wow. That's crazy!! I can't believe they didn't at least file some info about him away!! What if he gets better?

I always wondered if I would catch it, too. Good work, girl!!

Anonymous said...
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