Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I am so happy to be back. I love looking at everyones pictures.
Alright I know that this is Wordless Wednesday and all, But I really feel the need to give you some background on why I choose this picture.

This church is is St. Marys in Duluth, MN. I guess this was the church that my Great Grandfather and family were members of. I never new any of this. See the stain glass window? My last name is in the stain glass. I guess the family's that gave the most money got a window in there name...It's really cool.

So the reason why I was even up in Duluth yesterday is because My Grandpa is in Hospice care right now. So we are trying to see him as much as possible. My dad had been going over lots of family memories to us all day. This church is like right in the middle of St. Marys Hospital. And I guess the hospital bought out all the land around there and they are tearing it down..... SO we have people helping us make sure we get that window that says our name.


Mariposa said...

Welcome back and what a lovely photo! Happy WW!

Butrfly Garden said...

:) I didn't know my grandpa very well. Just a few visits over the years. But when he died, I learned more about my family than I knew my whole life. You know we used to be Amish? Ha. :) There are little silver linings in the worst of situations. My grandpa's death reunited so many family members that had lost touch...and helped me learn a LOT about my heritage.

That's AWESOME that your name is in that window!

Connie said...

This is an awesome pic! And, there's the added bonus that it includes your heritage :) I'm sorry about your Grandpa~I know that's gotta be tough!

Thank you for visiting my blog today & commenting :) Come back anytime. You have a cool blog as well! I don't have much time now but I plan to visit again :)

Take care & have a wonderful day :)